Glade Automatic Spray Cashmere Woods (Starter + Refill)

Commercial Air freshener dispensers beautify your home and office space. You can feel the soothing scent of cashmere woods that diffuses everywhere. Air freshener is easy to handle. It has a portable battery that is easy to move. You can easily change refills- a user-friendly freshener. The scent and its powered battery never both work incredibly.

Product Details

  • Brand – Glade
  • Item – Spray
  • Scent – Cashmere Woods, Hawaiian Breeze
  • Power Source – Battery Powered
  • Unit Count – 1 Count
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  • Attractive décor and carve-designed air freshener perfectly go with your room’s setting.
  • It has an easily moveable battery.
  • A fresh aroma diffuses everywhere with its battery-operated unit.
  • User-friendly, you can easily change refill.
  • The sensational scent and fabulous design make it more perfect and unleash your surroundings.


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